Got Citadel Project Box for my painting equipment today. Mainly for fast and easy paint station setup.
Also paint handle for miniatures. Looking forward to try it out on my next Space Marine. 😀

I’ve started painting my Warhammer 40.000 army. Space Marine – Blood Angels army is coming along nicely. ☺️

And so it begins! Starting my Space Marines army for Warhammer 40.000. 😀 Lots of figures to paint. 😬

Experimenting with Cura settings and 3D Printing. Printing with support settings for the first time. Should turn out to be a dog at some point. 🙂

Recent comicbook haul at the local store. 😀Monstress has some amazing covers every month! Picked up The Magic Order, looked interesting and has some beautiful art. O_o

Have been studying 3D printing recently. I’m almost sure that I should get one. ☺️

The Handmaid’s Tale! Amazing and interesting story. Great mix of old, new and sci-fi. Greatly played by Elisabeth Moss, she carries the series. Only 5 episodes into season one. Wow 😍

The two new Star Wars figures I got today at Sci-Fi-Con: ToyCon is Padmé and Aayla Secura by Hasbro (2004). Some cool figures with some nice details. 😀

Was at Sci-Fi-Con: ToyCon today. Lots of fun and amazing toys (mainly Star Wars). Got two new figures. Also the Danish Garrison 501st Legion was there. Some cool guys and girls, almost felt compelled to join their ranks, while have fun doing some good work! ☺️

Fun day playing Warhammer 40.000 in the gamestore! Played as Ultramarines vs. Plague Marines. Lord of Contagion is dangerous in close combat! Lost a whole unit to that guy! 😆

Started watching “The Expanse”, Dulcinea today. Some nice characters and plot. Good start for a pilot episode. Like the show so far. 😀
Next episode “The Big Empty”. ☺️

“Chris Rea – The Road to Hell” flee market vinyl record sounds amazing. Funny how old records often are better sounding that a new pressing.
Guess the high demand for vinyl records has resulted in low quality control on the new pressing.

Been playing Games Workshops Blood Bowl all day. ☺️ Fun and lot of tactics of play. 🤔

Still need to paint Human team. 😇

Quick trip to the local gamestore for some supplies and later some Blood Bowl play. ☺️

Yesterdays records haul! Very happy with what I got, especially Dire Straits – On Every Street. The few I’ve listened to sounds very nice. ☺️

Newest vinyl record and one of my favorite movies is Interstellar. From start to finish, one powerful music score by Hans Zimmer!

Have been painting Blood Bowl – The Gouged Eye team today. Still need to paint quite a few orcs before I’m finished. Also can’t wait to play the actual game. Games Workshop make some excellent games and miniatures.🤓

Apperently I still love reading boardgame rules. Guess it’s the game designer in me.👾 Would love to design my own game one day. 🤓

Star Wars: The Last Jedi steelbook. ☺️ Finally able to rewatch this great movie again. Also looking forward for the extras and deleted scenes. 😁

Picked up Magic the Gathering: Challenger Decks today. Time for some standard. ☺️

Will embark on a new movie journey with Akira Kurosawa – Samurai Collection. Looking forward to watch them all, but especially Seven Samurai (七人の侍) and Yojimbo (用心棒). 🎬

Listening to Inception by Hans Zimmer. 🎵 Can’t explain how much film scores mean to me. Music can really carry a mediocre movie a long way. A good score is truly the wings of a movie.

First needle drop on “ZZ Top – Recycler” vinyl record and sounds fantastic after cleaning. Minimum of clicks and pops and what to be expected on a old record. 🙂