Picked up Magic the Gathering: Challenger Decks today. Time for some standard. ☺️

Will embark on a new movie journey with Akira Kurosawa – Samurai Collection. Looking forward to watch them all, but especially Seven Samurai (七人の侍) and Yojimbo (用心棒). 🎬

Listening to Inception by Hans Zimmer. 🎵 Can’t explain how much film scores mean to me. Music can really carry a mediocre movie a long way. A good score is truly the wings of a movie.

First needle drop on “ZZ Top – Recycler” vinyl record and sounds fantastic after cleaning. Minimum of clicks and pops and what to be expected on a old record. 🙂

Picked up these vinyl records at the flee market yesterday.
Cleaning them in the SpinClean Record Washer today. Always exciting to drop the needle and hear how good condition the records really are in. ☺️

Reorganizing my Magic the Gathering collection in the lovely “FOUR 2.0” binders.

Magic doesn’t help my obsessive–compulsive disorder either. ☺️

Went to the comic book store today. ☺️ Monstress is one of my favorites. Love the drawings and art!
Skybourne is a gamble. Looks good.☺️ 📚

Code Elektro | Vinyl records
Really enjoy relaxing to these vinyl records. Reminds me of Stranger Things and Blade Runner soundtracks. Also some fantastic artwork! ☺️

The Fifth Element MONDO vinyl release. I’m soo in love with the artwork on this record cover! ☺️ Really like Éric Serra #soundtracks. 🤓

Time to watch some Guillermo del Toro films to celebrate! ☺️

Watched “Arrow Films” newly released and restoration of “The Thing” on Blu-ray. The film has never looked better. Also it’s packed with extras! Steelbook yay! ☺️

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon on 180g vinyl added to the collection. 🤓

Elite Dangerous: Beyond 3.0 – Chapter One today. ~9 hours of server downtime. Many changes to core game mechanics. Exciting! 😀

Many of the biggest retailers in Denmark is stopping selling physical media. It’s almost impossible to buy CD/DVD/Blu-ray movies in shops at this point.
Streaming adoption rate has been enormous in Denmark due to easy access to high speed internet.

Restoring Windows 10 on my stationary PC to factory settings. Have been having weird problems with it recently, plus it’s was the easiest way to clean the drives. 🤓

Fear Effect Sedna looks like a very interesting indie game. Might get it for the Nintendo Switch release early next month. 👾

Have been enjoying Darkest Dungeon immensely recently. 👾 It’s a X-COM like game and is very hard and unforgiving at times, but fun and addictive. 🤓

Have been using Pnut.io for some time now. So I’ve decided to support the network and get a badge. 🎉

Also I’m pnut.io/@runeranch if you wanna chat or join Pnut.io. Very nice community and people there. 😀

Started watching Altered Carbon on Netflix. Seems like an okay series. But I’m not totally convinced after the first episode. The style and the visual effects looks nice. Some scenes still looks a little cheap I feel.

Blade Runner 2049 MONDO Steelbook arrived today! Lovely colorful artwork by DanQuintana.

Now where is The Abyss Blu-ray release James Cameron!?