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  • Silent Madness, 1984 - ★★★
    I saw Vinegar Syndromes release of Silent Madness in Anaglyph 3-D for my very first viewing of this. I was actually rather impressed by the very good effect of the analog 3-D. I have yet to see the digital version but that will be in my next viewing. The movie itself is fine but to be honest, […]
  • Tenebre, 1982 - ★★★★
    Great gory murder mystery. And to date maybe Dario Argento most American stylish feel. Definitely ones of his best. [Peter Neal reads letter]: “Sic transit gloria Lesbi”.[Peter Neal]: “So passes the glory of lesbos[Anne]: “What does that mean?”[Peter Neal]: “It means our killer most likely had a higher education and studied Latin… I don’t know, maybe […]
  • Inferno, 1980 - ★★★½
    Well this must be the most gorgeous horror movie I have ever seen. When it comes to a coherent story, plot and a main character this film does a different.
  • No Country for Old Men, 2007 - ★★★★½
    Still as good as I remembered. The writing and dialogue is fantastic.
  • 5 Against the House, 1955 - ★★
    Stylish noir, well executed, but uneven heist movie. The build up of the characters took forever. Generally not the good.
  • Six-String Samurai, 1998 - ★★★★
    Short prologue and a powerful premise opens this film and I was immediately back in 1997 playing Fallout. But Six String Samurai twists it just enough to make it its own. The style and cinematography is the closest I have seen to the world of Fallout and what I imagined it to look like. The music choices […]
  • Deep Red, 1975 - ★★★½
    Great Italian suspense mystery with a intriguing premise. The music from Goblin is frantic and overpower the visuals at times (but otherwise very good) and doesn’t always fit the setting / mood of the thriller.
  • The Cat o' Nine Tails, 1971 - ★★★½
    Very good who done it suspense movie. Very good lead actor. Good direction and superb music.
  • The People Under the Stairs, 1991 - ★★★
    Has a lot of good going thing going for it. The movie itself looks good and presents itself will even though it has some years on its back. But it has some pacing problems and lingers too much on some aspects of the story, also it repeats many of its gimmicks and tricks too much.
  • When a Stranger Calls, 1979 - ★★★½
    Fantastic opening scene sequence, very suspenseful with good use of music and sound. When it comes to suspense, modern horror movies could learn a lot from this.